Welcome to Frugal Fathering!

If you’re new here, the short story is that I’m using this blog to chronicle my experiences with personal finance during one of the most expensive phases of life that many of us will ever encounter: parenthood!

The longer stories can be found here.

I’m a father of two (a toddler and an infant) who lives about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been semi-obsessed with personal finance for well over a decade. Since the moment I started earning a regular paycheque, I’ve challenged myself to stick to some basic goals and guiding principles with my finances. Becoming a parent has made sticking to those guidelines all the more interesting, challenging, and frankly, fun.

My goal here is to share tips and tricks (and learn from yours!) for keeping costs down and making the most of your money as we move through the various stages of raising kids.

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Frugal Father